Restaurant Kormoran is situated in the unique ambience of Nature Park Kopački Rit and is a real gastronomic oasis full of warmth and hospitability. It happily welcomes guests who want rest and relaxation. Spacious terrace, big park intertwined with footpaths where you can take a walk, green areas and children’s playground perfectly complement the superb offer of Baranja gastronomic specialties, which are prepared over open fire and in cauldrons.

Venison and freshwater fish specialties, meat dishes prepared in a traditional way, Baranja kulen and sausages, and inevitable spicy red paprika – are just a part of rich Baranja cuisine that is offered at the restaurant Kormoran.

Attractive location, away from the bustle of the city, is the ideal place for organising business lunches, family gatherings, romantic dates and various celebrations.

Untouched nature in all its beauty, combined with gastronomic delicacies accompanied by a sip of good wine will simply enchant you. To make the pleasure complete, we recommend fish stew (“fiš paprikaš”) with homemade noodles, carp on a wooden fork roasted over an open fire, Baranja-style carp, catfish “perkelt” (thick stew), venison stew and Baranja-style deer fillet, all of which will come together perfectly with prize-winning Belje wines.

Surrender to the nature and experience the welcome of our friendly staff, who happily await guests looking for rest and relaxation in this oasis of tranquillity.



Restaurant Kormoran
Podunavlje bb
PP Kopački rit
tel: +385 31 753099

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Monday to Sunday 10-21h

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