The main task of Belje Kooperacija is to organize the cooperation relationships in cattle breeding at the level of the entire Fortenova Group. With the aim of development of production in cattle breeding, we provide professional and technical assistance in design, construction, equipment and management of farms.

Pig breeding

In its pig-breeding department, Belje Kooperacija relies on its subcontractors to provide the service of pig fattening. In that process, we supply them with quality genetic material, consultancy services provided by our employees, veterinary care for the pigs, as well as quality fodder, which is produced by Belje plus d.o.o. – PC Tvornica stočne hrane (Fodder Factory) Darda.

Belje Kooperacija experts in Karanac and in Ivanić-Grad organise and supervise pig-fattening services provided by subcontractors.


Young cattle fattening

Belje Kooperacija buys calves at market prices throughout Croatia. We provide our subcontractors with quality fodder, consultancy services provided by our employees, as well as veterinary care for the calves and the young cattle. Our employees in Karanac and Ivanić-Grad are at your disposal.

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