Maintenance Sector is authorized for maintenance and sales of agricultural machinery, maintenance of production plants and farms, and investment management.

Maintenance of agricultural machinery

  • Fendt tractors
  • Tehnostroj trailers
  • Claas combines and crop presses (internal repair and maintenance)
  • Annaburger trailers
  • All other types of agricultural machinery and implements

Other services

  • Tyre repair shop
  • Hydraulics workshop
  • Working with high efficiency machines (Holmer, Jaguar and AG Bag) for extraction of sugar beet root, corn silage making (whole stalk), haylage making and kibbling of damp corn kernels
  • Bagging service ( AG BAG )


  • Used agricultural machinery
  • Tyres – personal and cargo product range, as well as agricultural machinery product range
  • Spare parts for agricultural machines


Maintenance of production plants and farms

  • Maintenance of production lines and machines
  • Installing of low-voltage electrical installations and repair and maintenance of existing ones
  • Installation and maintenance of cooling units
  • Optimizing and upgrading production processes

Investment management

  • Planning and monitoring investments
  • Coordination of participants in construction
  • Surveying works ( internal and external )




Osječka 4
31300 Beli Manastir
tel: +385 31 790 340

Working hours

From Monday to Friday
07:00h to 15:00h