Our registered office is located in Baranja, in the small town Darda, approximately 10 kilometres away from the city of Osijek, the regional centre of Eastern Croatia. One part of Belje’s production plants is concentrated in central Croatia, around Ivanić-Grad and Vrbovec, while the majority of agricultural land, farms and processing facilities are located in Baranja.

Belje Inc.

Registered office of the company:
Svetog Ivana Krstitelja 1a, HR-31326 Darda

Head office of the company:
Industrijska zona 1, Mece, HR-31326 Darda

Free info phone:
0800 400 406
(weekdays from 8 am – 4 pm)

tel: +385 31 790 200
fax: +385 31 790 195
e-mail: uprava@belje.hr

Chairman of the Board:
Andrej Dean

Board Members:
Goran Miličević
Mirela Periškić
Mario Vrgoč

Tax number (MB): 4938950
OIB: 35385249539

Marketing and Public Relationship
E-mail: marketing@belje.hr

Protection of personal information
E-mail: dpo@belje.hr