In Belje you can visit and experience the places where homemade-quality food is grown. Upon announcement, tourist groups can visit Topolik farm, the most state-of-the-art dairy farm in the region, with six milking robots. They can also visit Mitrovac farm, the biggest dairy farm in Croatia. At Mitrovac site, it is also possible to visit a biogas power plant and a greenhouse for production of excellent quality tomatoes. We also offer visits to farms for young cattle fattening, where bulls weighing over 800 kilograms are bred.

At the eco-centre in Kopački Rit, established under the project called “In harmony with nature”, we breed and care for the indigenous breed of Slavonian Syrmian Podolian cattle. In addition to seeing this special breed of cattle, you will also be able to see a large herd of Hereford cattle grazing on the vast pastures. In summer, guests can see the harvest in Belje and in early autumn they can participate in grape picking in Belje’s vineyards.