European quality award for Baranya kulen

01. June 2010.

European quality award for Baranya kulen

Following the numerous awards and gold medals Baranya kulen has won in Croatia, its exceptional quality has now also been recognized in Europe. Every year, the International Taste and Quality Institute (ITQI) organises the Superior Taste Award quality assessment where expert panel of judges evaluates products from all over of the world. This expert panel of judges have awarded two stars for quality to Belje’s Baranya kulen, as an exceptional product.

The ITQI is a leading independent organization of chefs and sommeliers that assesses and promotes superior tasting food and drinks from all parts of the world and cooperates closely with the most prestigious European culinary institutions as well as the International Sommelier Guild.

The Superior Taste Award with two stars is the first European and this year’s second quality award, since Baranya kulen won the gold medal on the biggest Baranya kulen competition in Jagodnjak, in May.

Baranya kulen is a top-quality delicacy produced according to the traditional recipes of old Baranya masters. Carefully selected quality meat from own farms and specially selected ground paprika are the basic ingredients of Baranya kulen which, except for its richness of flavour, is also rich in vitamins and minerals, especially vitamins C and B.

In order to fully enjoy this delicacy, Baranya kulen was given a new look – a bag, ornamented with motifs of Baranya, which preserves its freshness and original flavour from the moment it finishes the maturation period all the way to your dining table.


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