Fortenova Group takes over Osijek dairy plant

The dairy plant in Osijek to continue production as of 1st January 2021 as part of Belje

31. December 2020.

Andrej Dean in Plodovi zemlje

Andrej Dean, Fortenova Group’s Executive Director for Agriculture, and Chairman of the Board of Belje plus, confirmed the continuation of production in the Osijek dairy, as well as the continuation of cooperation with the subcontractors who have been delivering their milk to Meggle.

30. November 2020.

Fortenova Group and Meggle reach agreement on the purchase of Osijek dairy’s property and production line

The dairy industry is one of the major focus areas of the 2020-2025 strategy in Fortenova Group’s Agriculture Division, and the Belje food industry will be the platform on which the development in that segment will gain momentum

28. October 2020.

Andrej Dean is the new chairman of the Board of Belje plus d.o.o.

New members of the Board have likewise been appointed – Mirela Periškić and Goran Miličević, who join Mario Vrgoč, member of Belje’s Board in charge of finance.

19. October 2020.

ABC cheese – 40 years of authentic local product

The first ABC fresh cream cheese was produced in Belje in 1980

03. June 2020.

Prime Minister of the Republic of Croatia and associates visit Belje

Andrej Plenković, the Prime Minister of the Republic of Croatia, along with Marija Vučković, the Minister of Agriculture, visited the Mitrovac agricultural complex in Belje, which includes a dairy cow farm, a biogas plant and a greenhouse for tomato production.

28. April 2020.

Vina Belje celebrates the start of the new viticultural and tourism year

The grapevine pruning ceremony and the blessing of the start of works in the vineyard brings a large number of guests to Baranja each year.

24. January 2020.

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