Andrej Dean is the new chairman of the Board of Belje plus d.o.o.

19. October 2020.

Andrej Dean, Fortenova Group’s Executive Director for Agriculture, has been the head of Belje since the start of October. In addition to the new chairman of the Board, new members of the Board have likewise been appointed – Mirela Periškić and Goran Miličević, who join Mario Vrgoč, member of Belje’s Board in charge of finance.

Andrej Dean started his professional career in 1999, in the multinational company Bayer, where he held several positions of authority, such as head of sales and marketing for Southeast Europe and head of the Animal Health Division for Central and Southeast Europe. From 2015 to 2017, he was head of the Veterinary Medicinal Products Division of Bayer in Mexico.

He distinguished himself in the area of team management and business development, as well as in fulfilling a company’s strategic objectives. As part of the senior management team of Bayer Animal Health in Europe and Latin America, he particularly contributed to the positioning and growth of the businesses he managed.

When assuming the function of chairman of Belje’s Board, he emphasized the connection he has had to agriculture ever since his college days at the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine in Zagreb.
“I have acquired a lot of professional experience all over the world. This is a terrific opportunity to apply global practices and use current knowledge in Belje. My main objective is to improve and develop local production of food with known origin and traceability, which is a business that Belje has been in for centuries.”

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