New Tractors

05. July 2023.

Belje has received ten new Fendt tractors, which will upgrade our agricultural machinery. These are the new generation Fendt tractors known for their quality and durability, as proven by our previous tractors that have achieved record-breaking working hours. Two tractors are intended for vineyard operations and are already actively involved in regular vineyard protection tasks. Among the eight tractors for arable farming, two are model 724 with 240 horsepower, while the remaining six are model 942 with 420 horsepower, also known as “heavy-duty tractors.”  Compared to the previous Fendt models we have used, the new tractors have more power and stronger hydraulic pumps, necessary for the use of next-generation attachments such as the 24-row seeders we employ for sowing.

All the new tractors are equipped with telemetry, enabling comprehensive monitoring and supervision via the Fendt Connect application. They also feature high-precision GPS navigation, section control, and variable distribution.

Seven new tractors have also been delivered to Vupik and PIK Vinkovci, which have also received new Fendt Ideal combines that are already in operation for this year’s harvest.

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