ABC cream cheese set to take the Austrian and German markets by storm

11. November 2022.

ABC cream cheese, the most popular cream cheese brand in the Croatian market, will soon be available from the leading retail chains in Austria and Germany. This is the result of the new cooperation arranged between Belje plus and the Adriatic Group, a long-term distributer in these markets.

Many Austrian and German tourists who visit the Adriatic Coast every year are well acquainted with the ABC cream cheese: Belje has often received inquiries from tourists who loved the quality of the ABC cheese that they tried on their vacation, and wanted to know where they could buy it in their own country. As of this week, ABC cream cheese is available in these two markets, and the first truck that delivered our products is just one in the long series of deliveries planned under the agreed cooperation.

“It is a great honour for us to have arranged this cooperation and the marketing of the ABC cream cheese in Austria and Germany with the Austria-based Adriatic Group. We signed a long-term cooperation agreement to our mutual satisfaction, and successfully made the first delivery of ABC cream cheese to shops across Austria and Germany. Given the partnership we have set up with the distributor, we expect an excellent sales performance in these two very important European markets. The global demand for high-quality food is on the rise, continually driving up our sales in the markets where we are present with our ABC cheese. Very soon, we also expect to sign a new agreement for the distribution of ABC cream cheese in the Far East, which will give our exports an added boost. At present, more than 50% of the total production of ABC cheese is exported”, said Marko Žeravica, Head of Exports at Belje plus.

“The Adriatic Group is the distributor of the leading food brands from the Adria region in Western Europe. As a leading distributor with many years of experience in this segment, we are confident that the ABC cream cheese is a product with an amazing potential that will take this market by storm. We market products from the Adria region in the leading retail chains, but also in the Western European ethnic food markets. Both distribution channels are equally important to us in our effort to bring Croatian brands closer to Croatian emigrants and the locals alike”, said Amir Bekić, CEO of the Adriatic Group.

ABC cream cheese is known for its simplicity and unique strong taste, derived from superior quality milk from our own and our subcontractors’ farms. The traceability of Belje’s production from the field and farm is a guarantee of the best ingredients and premium quality of all products from the ABC cream cheese range.

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