Moms choose Belje products

12. May 2023.

Focused on the health and happiness of their loved ones, moms choose which food to buy for their families with special care. For that reason, many experts state that moms are the most discerning, but also the most loyal consumers. To win the trust of moms, who evaluate products and services, is a great challenge for every producer. However, Belje products have been successful in this regard for a number of years. This year, the Moms’ Choice label was given to the entire ABC fresh cream cheese product line, Kravica Kraljica fresh and long-life milk, Kravica Kraljica Greek-style yoghurt and Belje smoked bacon.

Tomislav Radišić, member of the Board of Belje, thanked all moms for their choice of Belje products and stated: “This is the fifth time that the Moms’ Choice label has been awarded to ABC fresh cream cheese, which means that this is one of the favourite products of mothers in Croatia. All five recognitions awarded this year confirm that our focus is placed on high quality and traceability of production regarding all our products, thanks to which we have earned the trust of consumers, primarily moms, who make up a significant portion of our buyers.”

Belje brand managers, Tea Kelić and Jasenka Barbarić, gave the following statement regarding the awards: “Each award is equally important to us, but this year’s Moms’ Choice awards are a source of great pride for us. We are both moms and we know that moms are important buyers whose trust has to be earned. Moms choose food for their families carefully, which is why ABC fresh cream cheeses, Kravica Kraljica milk and Greek-style yoghurt and Belje smoked bacon are the right choice for purchase, as they come recommended by moms.”

As pointed out by the organisers of the research concerning mothers’ satisfaction with products, who award the official Moms’ Choice labels, this unique project is a recommendation for all consumers to choose the best products, since mothers know best. The research has been conducted for six years now using a nationally representative sample, with focus placed on product characteristics, estimated value for money, product satisfaction and intention to recommend the product.

Many moms prefer Croatian products, and it is important to them that all Kravica Kraljica dairy products are made using 100% locally produced milk. For that reason, in the category of fresh and long-life milk, as well as Greek-style yoghurt, moms chose Kravica Kraljica products due to their well-known traceability of production from the field to the table. In the category of traditional smoked and cured meat products, moms chose the Belje smoked bacon, which is well-known due to manual production and authentic flavour, which is attained using the method of traditional smoking on beech wood.

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