ABC Fresh Cream Cheese Ranks among the World’s Top 3!

30. March 2016.

ABC Fresh Cream Cheese Ranks among the World’s Top 3!

ABC fresh cream cheese confirmed its position among the world’s very best cheese spreads, at the World Championship Cheese Contest – the world’s largest cheese evaluation competition, held in the United States. Among as many as 2595 samples from 23 countries (entered into the competition by the world’s largest and most important cheese producers), ABC fresh cream cheese with chives won the excellent third place with 99.55 out of possible 100 points.

The World Championship Cheese Contest in Wisconsin has been organised for 31 years, and experts and leading companies from all over the world participate in the evaluation process. Thus, high rank of ABC cheese in the competition of cream cheeses and flavoured cream cheeses is not only Belje’s success, but also the success of the entire Croatian dairy industry.

“ABC cheese is one of Belje’s most important products, and its production is based on milk from Belje farms, where we produced 35 million litres of milk last year. This year, we are planning a 16% increase in the production of ABC cheese and we have very ambitious export plans that include the opening of several new export markets. Currently, ABC cheese is imported to 20 countries on four continents, and these excellent results from the world’s evaluation contest give us a new incentive and confidence that we can find new buyers all over the world“, said Davor Bošnjaković, the director of Belje.

Darija Kostelić-Kuhar, Head of Development and Product Quality Control at Belje Dairy Plant emphasised the following: “ABC fresh cream cheese is made only from milk, cream and some sea salt. The recipe is very simple, and the product is excellent as we use our own milk. We are dedicated to enduring quality and satisfaction of our customers, and high grades that our ABC cheese received in the USA confirm that our ranking is exceptionally high even among the toughest global competitors”.

ABC cheese has won numerous recognitions both in Croatia and in the countries of the Adriatic region, where it is definitely the strongest brand of cheese spreads. In the past several months, in Croatia, ABC cheese has won the first place in the research Best Buy Award, in the cheese spread category, for the third consecutive time, and in Slovenia, it has won the fourth annual selection “Produkt Leta”. ABC cheese also holds three gold stars with the “Superior Taste Award” label, awarded by chefs and sommeliers from the world’s finest restaurants.

Ever since it appeared on the market 35 years ago, ABC fresh cream cheese has maintained its original recipe. It is made from only three natural ingredients – milk, cream and some sea salt – without artificial additives or preservatives. Milk comes directly from Belje farms, which guarantees constant high quality for our customers. edge modern concept, since the collection of data we cannot see on the land enables us to detect any problem with the crops early and to react on time. Nowadays, we use drones for visual monitoring of crop condition, early detection of diseases and pests, and collection of numerous data invisible to the human eye, such as NDVI – abundance of biomass. In the near future, we plan to expand the set of sensors, with the aim of achieving more efficient use of the irrigation, drainage and plant protection systems. This year we are already expanding the concept of precision agriculture by planting corn at variable plant quantity per unit area”, said Krešimir Grgić, the Director of Profit Centre “Ratarstvo” in Belje.

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