Belje Fodder Awarded New Certificates of Quality

19. December 2017.

Belje Fodder Factory in Ivanić Grad has been awarded three new certificates of quality.  The certificates in question are the KAT Certificate, issued by the certification body SGS Germany GmbH, the HALAL Certificate, issued by the Centre for Halal Quality Certification of the Islamic Community in Croatia, and the GMO-free Certificate, issued by the certification body Bureau Veritas d.o.o.  It is important to say that, when it comes to Croatian producers, this is the first and only KAT certificate which allows the placement of fodder on competitive markets in the EU.

The above-mentioned certificates are based on the procedures and measures corresponding to the internationally accepted quality control standards ISO and HACCP, already implemented by Belje throughout their whole system.

Belje Fodder Factory in Ivanić Grad specializes in the production of feeding stuff for poultry of any type and age group. Production line, having a capacity of 15 tons per hour, allows the production and transport of feeding stuff in bulk (for large customers) and in 10 kg and 25 kg natron bag packages, intended for feeding poultry at small agricultural estates.

As pointed out by Tihomir Orešković, the director of Belje fodder factories: “Our biggest advantage lies in fodder crops produced on Belje’s own arable fields and used in the production of fodder, which is then processed in a way to suit the needs and requests of every customer as much as possible. The new certificates serve as proof of our constant investment in the development and improvement of our final products, which make us more competitive and enable us to increase the export of animal feed to the markets in Hungary, Slovenia, Austria, as well as markets which require the Halal Certificate.”

Fodder factories are Belje’s largest exporters. In the first 11 months of this year, 20% of total production was exported, mainly to the markets of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Hungary, and Slovenia, where the number of buyers has been growing steadily. Excellent production results achieved by Belje farms, which use their own fodder, represent a great reference for every potential buyer. Moreover, Belje fodder factories have a team of nutrition experts, which make sure animal nutrition is regulated so as to suit their current needs.

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