Belje, Vupik and PIK Vinkovci paid for this year’s entire crop purchase

28. August 2017.

This year’s barley and wheat harvest, which was completed on the arable land of Agrokor companies by mid-July, brought the highest yields in the history of Belje, Vupik and PIK Vinkovci. Along with their own raw materials, all three companies purchased and paid for approximately 55,000 tonnes of wheat, barley, oilseed rape and oat to 700 subcontractors and agricultural producers. By making payments on time, Agrokor companies have proven to be serious and stable partners for future cooperation, and for purchase of soy and corn crops that are yet to be harvested.

In accordance with the new business operation policy of Agrokor Group, Belje as the largest agricultural company in Croatia guarantees that it will continue to settle its obligations in the future in accordance with the agreed conditions and deadlines. As Davor Bošnjaković, director of Belje, pointed out: “During the past few months, Belje’s management focused on stabilizing the way the company operates and on ensuring that cooperation with all of our partners, suppliers and subcontractors is continued. Due to our partner relationships and understanding, we successfully completed this year’s harvest on our arable land and paid for entire crop purchase from this year’s harvest. Our goal is to continue purchasing autumn crops. All interested farmers can contact us regarding the purchase of this year’s soy and corn crops.”

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