Graševina Belje Wins Decanter Silver Medal

05. July 2017.

Graševina, the best-selling wine variety in Croatia, has been winning prestigious world awards and recognitions for several years now, which is a confirmation of its quality and potential. Some of the most dominant producers of Graševina are wine cellars and wineries of eastern and central Croatia, which dispose of different types of packaging and varieties of Graševina wine in their product range, thanks to which they are able to present themselves to the consumers in the best possible way.

One of the most significant Graševina wine cellars is that of Belje Wines, 80% of whose vineyards are covered with Graševina, and that is why this variety is the most dominant in the product range. Belje Wines won several gold medals at Mundus Vini and Decanter competitions, and Graševina Goldberg is the most award-winning Graševina in Croatia.

As for young Graševina 2016 Vintage, Belje Wines went a step further and we are now glad to present, packaged in the best-buy bottle for quality Graševina, a wine that has been awarded a Decanter silver medal. It is a wine packaged in a high-quality bottle, part of the so-called silver line of Belje wines, which are available on the market at an excellent price.

As Suzana Zovko, the main oenologist for Belje Wines, points out: “We have dedicated many years precisely to Graševina which is why our lines of premium and Goldberg Graševina best represent the quality and potentials of our vineyards, and we are particularly proud because our quality Belje Graševina found its place on this years list of wines that achieved top results at Decanter. This award serves as a confirmation to our consumers that the world’s highest quality lies in the baseline of Belje Wines.”

This Graševina pairs best with light summer white meat meals, pastas and risottos, and it traditionally pairs with home-made cured meat specialities from Slavonia and Baranja.

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