New Kravica Kraljica products

15. May 2023.

Kravica Kraljica dairy products are produced using exclusively locally produced milk from family farms and Belje farms. For that reason, the special label 100% Croatian milk is placed on the packaging.

In addition to the well-known and well-accepted milk, yoghurt, cheese and cream, nine new products have been added to the Kravica Kraljica product range, which can already be found in stores.

In accordance with our customers’ wishes, long-life milk with 2.8% milk fat now also comes in a 0.5 L packaging, which is ideal for a single meal. For those who are conscious of the fat content of the food they consume, our new milk represents an ideal choice – long-life milk with 1.0% milk fat and fresh milk with 1.5% milk fat are low in calories, but still rich in calcium.

On the occasion of introduction of new products, Tomislav Radišić, member of the Board of Belje, gave the following statement: “Belje is the only large-scale dairy producer in Croatia that has its own farms and production facilities for extremely high-quality milk. For that reason, we can offer new products made using Croatian milk to our consumers. We have created these new products based on market needs and the needs of the consumers, with whom we are in constant contact, both in person for product tasting and on social media. We continually work on developing new products and by the end of the year, we plan to introduce additional new products in the Kravica Kraljica product range. I would like to place particular emphasis on our focus on sustainability, which is why the packaging of all Kravica Kraljica milk is produced using 82% plant-based materials (cardboard and sugarcane-based plastic), resulting in a 19% reduction in the carbon footprint of the packaging.”

In addition to new types of milk, the Kravica Kraljica product range also includes new fermented dairy products – yoghurt family packaging of 1.5 kg and spoonable yoghurt in a cup. For kefir lovers, the familiar recipe bringing together top quality locally produced milk and kefir culture is now available in a 1 kg bottle, with 300 mg of calcium per serving.

One of the most popular Kravica Kraljica products is sour cream, which is beloved by consumers due to its characteristic rich flavour; for that reason, sour cream with 20% milk fat in a cup, with an even richer flavour, has been added to the product range.

Belje experts devoted special effort to developing fresh locally produced cheeses, and fresh cheese with cream receives continuous praise from consumers. In addition to the existing 200 g packaging, fresh cheese with cream now also comes in a new 500 g packaging, which is ideal for families and for preparing different savoury dishes and desserts. For cheese lovers who watch their calorie intake, Kravica Kraljica now offers a light fresh cheese in a 500 g packaging, with 65 g of protein per packaging.

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