New La Belle Grand sparkling wine

29. December 2021.

As the year in which Vina Belje presented its redesigned labels and new cuvee range is coming to its end, we are launching another one of our big projects, the La Belle Grand superior white sparkling wine.

La Belle Grand is made using the Charmat method of fermentation in tanks from grapes that are carefully selected at both the vineyard and the cellar at harvest time. The secondary fermentation and maturation of this sparkling wine on the lees takes three months, the whole process having been carefully planned so that the Grand could hit the market before the holidays. The Grand is a brut style sparkling wine, one of the globally most popular styles, distinctive for its attractive perlage of a myriad tiny bubbles.

According to Marijan Knežević, Director of Wine Production Development at Vina Belje, “we installed the new production line and bottling equipment for sparkling wine with record speed at our winery last summer in a bid to expand our range and meet the increasing demand for this growing category in the market. La Belle Grand is our first sparkling wine, prepared right on time for the holidays this year. With this wine, we celebrate the end of the year in which we have won 52 medals in a number of wine quality competitions in Croatia and abroad, almost half of them gold, along with three champion titles.”

The new La Belle Grand sparkling wine will make a great aperitif at holiday parties, also pairing wonderfully with traditional holiday dishes such as roast lamb. The Grand is best enjoyed when the bottles are stored horizontally and chilled to 6–8°C before serving to allow its tastes and aromas to shine through fully. Make sure to serve it in tall, long glasses to enjoy its bubbles for as long as possible.

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