Record-Breaking Wheat Yields in Belje

17. July 2017.

This weekend was marked by the completion of barley and wheat harvest on the arable lands of Belje, covering a total of 5,057 hectares (1,988 hectares of barley and 3,069 hectares of wheat). Wheat harvest lasted for three weeks and it brought about the best wheat yields in the history of Belje. The yields amount to 8,8 tonnes per hectare, which is an increase of 7% with respect to the last year’s yields.

As Krešimir Grgić, Director of Crop Farming Sector in Belje, pointed out: “This year’s yields are the highest in the history of our company, which has a more than 300-year-old tradition, and they are the best award for our year-round efforts and hard work invested in our arable lands. We are also extremely pleased with the dynamics of this year’s harvest, which was the responsibility of all of our colleagues, as well as the sophisticated agricultural machinery Belje has at its disposal, primarily Class Lexion combine harvesters and Annaburger trailers, which helped us significantly increase our harvest results. The best indicator of this year’s success is the comparison with the available data on the European and Croatian average yield, which amounts to 6 tonnes per hectare.”

Wheat harvest was preceded by barley harvest, which also produced exquisite yields of 8 tonnes per hectare. These are domestic varieties of both barley and wheat that are prevalent in the product range and produce exquisite results on the fruitful Baranja plain.

Belje is engaged in the cultivation of 20,000 hectares of arable fields in total. Crop farming stands at the beginning of the production traceability chain and is followed by our own Fodder Factory, 25 farms and food industry of Belje, which all form a complete From the Field to the Table production process.

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